The Order: 1886


I was responsible for lighting on the following sections. Combination of baked lightmaps and dynamic lights, dynamic lights tend to look better when possible. Included parallax cubemap and irradiance volumes. All areas include volumes for overrides of exposure, grading, and level transitions. I lit several cinematics but nothing in particular shown here.

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MentalRay Render Proxy

This is a simple tool for MentalRay Render Proxies that I added some features to:

  • custom output path
  • inherit shaders
  • maintains set memberships
  • swap between original and proxy


Any object can be selected and swapped between high and low resolution. This is really useful when getting lost in a mass of bounding boxes that you dont have time to rename and create appropriate proxy cages for. The new object inherits attributes as well as materials and set associations. This way objectSets for pipeline use don’t get broken.

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Linear Workflow Tool v2

Almost exactly a year after publishing my MEL linear workflow tool, the Python version is ready. I am sad that 1 year later there is still a need for this tool (in Maya), but until Autodesk properly handles color management it makes life as a lighter much easier. With new Pre/Post-Render scripts it allows working in Maya in a WYSIWYG manner, hardware/viewports and color swatches provide reasonable previews without hindrance.

***update*** I’ve finally made this available for download:
Download wLinearWorkflow here Contains 1 directory (the python module) with readme, license, python code, and icons)

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