Weekly Lighting Challenge 01 – Fruit Bowl


Hey, it’s been a while. I’d like to start posting some portfolio updates, news, and tips. Also need to go clean up some of the old possibly deprecated posts.

Moving on.

My goal is to go through all the old CGSociety/3DRender.com lighting challenges, and spend roughly a week per project.

First up, fruit

Original discussion. Original gallery. Modeled by Dan Wade

Lighting Challenge 01 – click for full resolution (14MB 3840×2160 png)

I spent a couple evenings last week and I’d like to move on to challenge #2, so here it is.

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R2D2 – work in progress


Recently I decided to pick up Blender. I’d like to be able to work on projects at home, and I’ve always been a fan of Open Source projects. I decided to start with a modelling project that I could take to film quality, and hopefully a game ready version later.

Blender has some good modelling tools. I really love being able to use edge bevel weights with the bevel modifier, much like QuadChamfer in 3dsMax.


Artoo has a lot of good reference and blueprints available as well as a good variety of shapes, so I figured it would be a fun project to start wtih. Modelling is complete, but I’m still finalizing UVs before I get started with shaders.

click images for 2560×3840 (9MB)

More to come