Red Faction: Armageddon

Red Faction Armageddon Creepers



Shading Development for aliens, environments, and various assets. Lighting for pre-rendered cinematics.

Developed lighting and pipeline tools for asset cleaning, render layer setup, scene assembly, and linear workflow.


Full Credits:

Cinematics: Pendulum Studios

Cinematic Co‑Directors: Michael McCormick, Robert Taylor
Director of 3D: Michael McCormick
Executive Producer: Robert Taylor
Senior Producer: Shay Goldenburg
Associate Producer: Fernando Perdomo
Motion Capture Stage Supervisor: Colin Hodges
Motion Capture Pipeline Supervisor: Zack Klinger
Lead Character Artist: Patrick Switzer
Senior Asset and FX Artist: Gina Adamova
Character Artist: Chris Lee
Lead Character Technical Director: Phillip Edwards
Character Technical Directors: Quang Nguyen, Stephen Camardella,Carlo Cherisier
Senior Tools Developer: Jordan Misiura
Pipeline Technical Director: Andrew Herd, Sara Parnell
Motion Capture Operator: Sara Parnell
Technical Artist: Eric Juneau
Simulation Artist: Jason Yacalis
FX Artist: Jason Yacalis
Lead Animator: James Jones Jr.
Senior Animator: Matt Campbell
Animators: Chip Carle, Kaitlyn Peplow, James Fiorella,Samuel Lanane, David Pumpa,Katelyn Overton, Maxie Antinone, Jae Park
Shading  Lighting Artists: Troy Williams, William Schilthuis
Compositors: Scott Mitchell, Kyle Rottman, Remi Larroque
Client and Talent Services: Angie Thornton
Motion Capture Actors: Armando Valdez-Kennedy,Karen Strassman, John Bentley,Thomas Fiscella, Matt Mullins
Body and Facial Motion Capture: Pendulum Studios

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