Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order trailer



I’ve been working on various site updates: ssl/https everywhere, new theme that works better on mobile devices, and improving old posts with galleries and simpler categories.


There’s a new trailer out! A few shots I’ve worked on, also tons of less visible work like setting up look development testbeds, exposure standards, blueprints, helping other artists. There’s been a ton of great people working on this getting a huge amount done in very little time, I can’t wait for the game to be finished.

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Linear Workflow Tool v2

Almost exactly a year after publishing my MEL linear workflow tool, the Python version is ready. I am sad that 1 year later there is still a need for this tool (in Maya), but until Autodesk properly handles color management it makes life as a lighter much easier. With new Pre/Post-Render scripts it allows working in Maya in a WYSIWYG manner, hardware/viewports and color swatches provide reasonable previews without hindrance.

***update*** I’ve finally made this available for download:
Download wLinearWorkflow here Contains 1 directory (the python module) with readme, license, python code, and icons)

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