Weekly Lighting Challenge 01 – Fruit Bowl


Hey, it’s been a while. I’d like to start posting some portfolio updates, news, and tips. Also need to go clean up some of the old possibly deprecated posts.

Moving on.

My goal is to go through all the old CGSociety/3DRender.com lighting challenges, and spend roughly a week per project.

First up, fruit

Original discussion. Original gallery. Modeled by Dan Wade

Lighting Challenge 01 – click for full resolution (14MB 3840×2160 png)

I spent a couple evenings last week and I’d like to move on to challenge #2, so here it is.

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Linear Workflow Tool v2

Almost exactly a year after publishing my MEL linear workflow tool, the Python version is ready. I am sad that 1 year later there is still a need for this tool (in Maya), but until Autodesk properly handles color management it makes life as a lighter much easier. With new Pre/Post-Render scripts it allows working in Maya in a WYSIWYG manner, hardware/viewports and color swatches provide reasonable previews without hindrance.

***update*** I’ve finally made this available for download:
Download wLinearWorkflow here Contains 1 directory (the python module) with readme, license, python code, and icons)

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