Nodevember 2019 #02 – Clouds

Made a simple procedural cloud today.  It has a few components. Works well for cumulus clouds, but it’d be fun to make other cloud types as well.

  • 3 components to generate a greyscale mask
    • Z Mask – more density at bottom of clouds (using a color ramp)
    • XY Mask – falloff near edges
    • Cloud Noise – 1 low frequency + 1 high frequency with some distortion for wisps
  • Threshold – Contrast around a chosen midpoint

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R2D2 – work in progress


Recently I decided to pick up Blender. I’d like to be able to work on projects at home, and I’ve always been a fan of Open Source projects. I decided to start with a modelling project.

Blender has some good modelling tools. I really love being able to use edge bevel weights with the bevel modifier, much like QuadChamfer in 3dsMax.


Artoo has a lot of good reference and blueprints available as well as a good variety of shapes, so I figured it would be a fun project to start wtih. Modelling is complete, but I’m still finalizing UVs before I get started with shaders.

click images for 2560×3840 (9MB)

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