Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order


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I was responsible for the following environment lighting which includes global atmosphere, local fog density, light fixtures, and scripted lights. Lighting is a close collaboration with environment art, design, skybox, and many team members.

During development I created blueprints for fog and light fixtures, trained in house and outsource lighting teams, and developed features with code and tech art such as the light scripting system we used to link light sources with emissive fixtures.

Bracca – Shipbreaking Yard

Bracca – Passenger Train

Bracca – Cargo Train

Zeffo – Crashed Venator

Zeffo – Tomb of Miktrull

Kashyyyk – Shadowlands

Early lighting development for Shadowlands. These screenshots do not represent the final game.

Nodevember 2019 #02 – Clouds

Made a simple procedural cloud today.  It has a few components. Works well for cumulus clouds, but it’d be fun to make other cloud types as well.

  • 3 components to generate a greyscale mask
    • Z Mask – more density at bottom of clouds (using a color ramp)
    • XY Mask – falloff near edges
    • Cloud Noise – 1 low frequency + 1 high frequency with some distortion for wisps
  • Threshold – Contrast around a chosen midpoint

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