CCP, Dust 514 – Vicious Cycle


I worked on lighting for all shots, character and environment (except smoke trails and explosions). Created camera-based light rigs to achieve designed look and avoid artifacts from fastpoint particles.

Renderman fastpoints are essentially camera-facing cards. As such, they become unlit when the camera rotates so that the light direction become perpendicular to the cards’ normals. The use of rotating cameras (as they do, up to 180°) required careful consideration to avoid artifacts.

All lights used deepmap and/or depthmap shadows, generated per-character to optimize space. This resulted in very reasonable render times with zero ray-tracing.


Maya, Renderman, MPC proprietary software.


Brand: CCP Games – DUST 514
Advertising Agency: High Wide & Handsome
Chief Creative Officer: Mike Wolfsohn
Creatives: Mike Wolfsohn, Ashley Katona, Matt Dimmer
Agency Producer: Nancy Sanders
Production Company: MPC Creative
Director: Dan Marsh
Producers: Nicole Fina, Megan Kennedy
Editor: Billy Sacdalan
Sound Design: Singing Serpent

VFX Team

Director: Daniel Marsh
Concept Art: Ram Bhat, Bryan Lee, Casey McIntyre
Storyboards: Aaron Clark
Previz: Tyler Lancaster, Ian Wilson
Motion Capture: Knight Vision Studios
Editor: Billy Sacdalan
CG Supervisors: John Cherniack, Ashley Bernes
CG (FX): Ashley Bernes, John Cherniack, Yates Holley, Tim Kadowaki
CG (Modeling/Texturing): Nikki Mull, Nathanial Morgan
CG (Animation): Tyler Lancaster, Ian Wilson
CG (Character Rigging): Ian Wilson
CG (Lighting): William Schilthuis
Compositing Supervisor: Benoit Mannequin
Compositors: Benoit Mannequin, Clement Renaudin‎, Elliott Brennan
Colorist: Derek Hansen
Smoke: Mark Holden
Producers: Nicole Fina, Megan Kennedy

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