After 3 awesome years at High Moon Studios, I’ve decided to seek out new challenges and join the team at Respawn. It’s been an honor to work on both Destiny and Call of Duty franchises, and it certainly will be to work on Star Wars too. I’ll be joining at least one former co-worker and I’ll be much closer to old friends, outdoor adventures, and my career goals. The timing is good and I would happily recommend High Moon as a great place to work. I’m excited for their upcoming adventures too.

In other unsurprising news, I’ll be putting a pause on the Weekly Lighting Challenges. Lately I’ve been focused on technical projects and preparing for my upcoming role. The lighting challenges are fun and I hope to get back to them. I worked on 2 or 3, but only kept 1 posted publicly. “Weekly” was a self-imposed time constraint so that I don’t spend too much time on one instead of moving forward and learning new things. It’s meant to be a positive experience, and if I can post anything I’m happy with or that’s useful which I’ve done in my free time I will.

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