Unreal Retro-Reflective Shading Model

Weekend project: added a new shading model that includes a retroreflective component.

Improvements needed:

  • Separate roughness for specular and retro-reflectivity
  • Add parameter(s) for imperfect reflectors (inverse fresnel or something)
  • Add RectLight support
  • Check energy conservation since I’m basically just adding a 2nd specular term
  • Environment reflections

Anyway here’s a patch of the current code. This was done on the 4.20 branch:

3 Replies to “Unreal Retro-Reflective Shading Model”

  1. THIS IS AMAZING! In all seriousness, what would you charge me to finish this with the improvements needed.

  2. Can you us where to add this code exactly? this is super awesome! i wish unreal has this implented …

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