Lexus, Infinite Glances


Shading and Lighting for CG components of first and last fly through. Interior ceiling and parts of seats and windows are CG, other components (especially lower portion/dashboard) are 2D elements. Also worked on various matchmove/projection elements.


Maya, Mental Ray


Agency: Team One
Production Company: RSA
Director: Brett Foraker
Creative Director: Craig Crawford
Creatives: Molly Grubbs, Fabio Pinto
Agency Producer: Kristin Childers
Producer: Julien Lemaitre
EP: Marje Abrahams
Editor: Noah Herzog and Matt Dunlap @ General Editorial

VFX: MPC LA & Vancouver
VFX Producer: Juliet Tierney
VFX Supervisors: Jake Montgomery, Mike Wynd
3D Lead: Mike Wynd
3D: William Schilthuis, Jessie Amadio
2D Lead: Jake Montgomery
2D Team: Brett Reyenger, Krystal Chinn
Smoke: Mark Holden
Grade: MPC
Colourist: Mark Gethin

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