Nissan, Body On Frame / Strip Away


Lookdev and lighting for various parts/panels/fans and chassis: SUV overhead snow shot, truck frame through steam, truck/van chassis on bridge. Tracking for 2 overhead snow shots.

Body on Frame

Strip Away


Maya, Mental Ray, 3D Equalizer


Agency: TBWAChiatDay
Production Company: Skunk
Director: Raf Wathion
Executive Creative Directors: Tito Melega, Karl Dunn
Creatives: Liz Levy, Jason Locey

Senior Agency Producer: Katie Johnson
EP: Elaine Hinton
Head of Production: Richard ONeill
DoP: Glynn Speeckaert
Producer: Shelly Townsend
Editor: Stewart Reeves
VFX Supervisors: Dan Marsh, Jake Montgomery
CG Supervisor: Mike Wynd
VFX Team: Jake Montgomery, William Schilthuis, Jessie Amadio, Ian Wilson, Nikki Mull
VFX EP: Asher Edwards
VFX Producer: Jenny Bright
Grade: MPC LA
Colourist: Ricky Gausis

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